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Chickweed Tea: "When medication is food and food is medicine"

Commonly referred to as chickweed, this garden weed is one among my favorite spring dish additions.

The first weekend in might, we have a tendency to took a visit to go to our female offspring and grandchild in Washington state. once taking a walk with our three-year-old grandchild, i used to be able to show her chickweed and that we began "grazing" on that. Young youngsters tend to crave recent, enzyme-rich, mineral-laden real food and he or she was no exception. She couldn’t eat enough of it, overwhelming many fistfuls of the herb. Since chickweed is one among the foremost common of weeds and is native to all or any temperate regions of our planet, I felt it absolutely was vital to share with you the numerous uses of this valuable herb.

Birds and chickens ar known to avidly go after the seeds and leaves of chickweed thence its name, chickweed. the traditional Latin name for it absolutely was morsus gallinae which implies a morsel or bite for hens. In German it's vogelkraut, the bird plant; in French mouron des oiseaux, a bite or a morsel for the birds; and in Spanish, pamplina American state canarios and hierba pajarera, canary food and bird herb.


Chickweed (Stellaria media), additionally known as starweed, is AN annual or biennial weed, six to twelve inches long, with thin, weak stems bearing 2 "twin" tiny oval leaves at every joint on opposite sides. it's simple to differentiate between chickweed and alternative plants of an equivalent genus by the road of hairs running up the stem on one aspect solely, then once it reaches a try of leaves, the road of hairs continue on the other aspect of the stem. The leaves ar succulent, egg-shaped, a few 0.5 an in. long and 1 / 4 of an in. wide, pale inexperienced and delicate. the tiny star-like flowers ar placed individually within the axils of the higher leaves.

Chickweed grows "wild" in wet areas of fields, in lawns, on roadsides, and in gardens. In some areas it comes out as early as March and continues to grow throughout the autumn season. This year our chickweed patch is simply setting out to "sprout" (mid-May) when excessive mounds of snow had to soften away.

Nutritional/medicinal qualities

Chickweed is one among the additional nutrient-dense weeds promptly on the market for nourishment and medication. It contains generous amounts of the subsequent minerals: metal, iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, metal and metallic element. it's additionally high in vitamin C (ascorbates), bioflavinoids, vitamin A, and a few of the B-complex vitamins like vitamin B complex.

Chickweed is classed as a demulcent herb, that means that it soothes and reduces irritations of the mucose membranes. Demulcents coat, shield, lubricate and soothe inflamed tissue whereas relieving the pain related to inflammation. it's additionally classified as AN medication, acting upon the bronchials and lungs to push the expulsion of mucose from the tract. thanks to these qualities, European herbalists used chickweed with success within the treatment of TB, respiratory disorder, respiratory illness and also the respiratory disease and contagion.

In the faculty for Natural Healing textbook written by Dr. John R. Christopher, he states the following:

The demulcent/expectorant herbs ar particularly valuable in purifying and cleansing the system. Catarrh, or the respiratory disease and its variations, is nature’s signal that the body wants cleansing. it's fairly often caused by a biological process shortage of Kaochlor, the component that allows the protein to stay in resolution within the blood. In inflammatory ailments, the protein is free out from the blood into the encompassing tissue inflicting blockage. No new protein will be shaped while not AN adequate provide of Kaochlor, that the body badly wants as a result of it's currently thrown out of balance. If the Kaochlor isn't on the market, the body can mix the metallic element and chloride purloined from alternative combos within the body, like metallic element phosphate (thus robbing the nerves) or salt (robbing the center muscle) till the body becomes {progressively|increasingly|more and additional} more out of balance. Since we have a tendency to consume such a lot binary compound (salt) and then very little Kaochlor, we have a tendency to boost the matter with our dietary practices. Chickweed, together with alternative botanicals, provides the required components to place the body into balance.

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According to Louise fodder in her book, Today’s flavouring Health, chickweed may be a sensible blood setup and helpful in treating fevers, all skin ailments and inflammations. Its mucilagenous components have tried to be valuable for breakdown abdomen ulcers and inflamed bowels. It may also assist in dissolving plaque in blood vessels still as alternative fatty substances within the body. Due its ability to cleanse the blood, it's been wont to treat all sorts of cancer and tumors. it's been used as a poultice for boils, burns, abrasions, sore eyes and swollen testes. Chickweed has additionally been suggested as AN aid in weight loss.

According to Alma R. Hutchins in her book, Indian Herbology of North America, chickweed is helpful within the treatment of liver ailments, bronchitis, pleurisy, coughs, colds, hoarseness, rheumatism, inflammation, weakness of the bowels and abdomen, scurvy, and excretory organ bother.

Another uncommon attribute to chickweed is that the transmission and flow of blood to the liver and internal organ veins, creating them additional pliable and, therefore, helping the eliminative organs. For AN inflamed appendix, Dr. Christopher suggests that AN infusion or simmering be made up of the dried herb ANd applied within the kind of an clyster. At an equivalent time, drink the nice and cozy infusion (tea) and apply highly regarded fomentations of the simmering over the positioning of the appendix.

The renowned therapist Juliette American state Baïracli Levy same the subsequent concerning chickweed in her book, the entire flavouring vade mecum for Farm and Stable :

Chickweed is one among the herbs most praised by Turkish gypsies, not just for its edible qualities however additionally its potent healthful properties, because it contains several of the soothing and tonic powers of Ulmus rubra. the full plant is employed. it's a extremely tonic herb for the complete systema digestorium, and a remedy for all abdomen ailments. outwardly it makes a crucial eye lotion ANd an ointment for rheumatic inflammations and stiff joints....All animals ought to be inspired to satisfy it; however sheep should be prevented from over-gorging themselves, particularly lambs, or severe biological process upset will follow thanks to the richness of this herb...It is a crucial tonic for poultry and every one birds, particularly caged birds. Dose: many handfuls per animal per day. Eye lotion: one handful brewed in ¾ pint of water.


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